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Environmentally friendly, cost-effective and straight-forward to maintain, septic systems are becoming an increasingly popular option for new build homes as well as an essential fitting for houses that don’t have access to mains sewerage systems. When rainfall is low and water costs are high, a septic system that produces clean water which can be used for irrigating crops or a garden can be a great investment. Many home owners are pleasantly surprised to learn that their septic system increases the value of their property, as well as offering a holistic answer to sewage and waste water disposal issues. As established providers of premium septic systems in Canberra, we provide premium installations that give lasting value.

Top grade septic systems

We use premium Ozzi Kleen septic tank components, resulting in a high performing tank that integrates three different methods of purification: an aeration system ensures that sufficient oxygen is present in the tank for bacteria to effectively break down sewage; after aeration, the detritus is allowed to settle at the bottom of the tank, allowing the pure water to be decanted off; the final stage of cleaning involves chlorination, which disinfects the water and enables it to be safely used for irrigation.

Experienced team that gets the job done

uteOver the years we have fitted a large number of septic systems in Canberra and the surrounding area, enabling us to bring a wealth of experience to your project. We enjoy a challenge, so if you’ve got difficult terrain or other site constraints, you can rely on us to come up with suitable suggestions. Our skilled team will undertake every aspect of the project, from initial planning through to post-completion snagging. We aim to give all our clients honest, reliable customer care fused with exemplary workmanship, resulting in top quality septic systems that give years of trouble-free use.

A septic tank system could work for your property

The numerous advantages which a septic system offers explain why a growing number of local people are opting to install one rather than using traditional waste disposal methods. If the idea of being more self-sufficient appeals and you would like the opportunity to enjoy additional clean water without having to pay the water company for it, our septic systems are the perfect solution. Durable, green, simple and effective – why not embrace a more sustainable future with one of our appealing, affordable septic systems?

M.S.W. is the agent for Ozzi Kleen septic and greywater treatment systems in and around the Canberra region. Ozzi Kleen systems can be used for residential, rural, or commercial use. Keep your garden green and bright through a Ozzi Kleen greywater system and the car as well, plus use the greywater in your home.

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MSW provides services to the Canberra area including Murrumbateman, Gundaroo, Sutton, Bungendore, Wamboin, Bywong, Collector, Williamsdale, Captains Flat, Michelago, Bredbo, or anywhere within a 1 hour drive of the ACT boarders. If you are not sure if we are able to service your area, please contact us to find out.