Landscaping Canberra

Landscaping Canberra wide and surrounding areas

At MSW, we are the people who are ‘Making Solutions Work’. We know that landscaping in Canberra is a speciality that requires the perfect combination of technical knowledge, skill, and art. Our landscape designers have a flair for both communication and creating gardens that have that wow factor.

Why communication?

It’s your garden. Whether you are calling to ask us to develop your domestic or commercial garden, the first step of nailing your brief is understanding your needs perfectly. If we can take the time to understand your desires, we can be sure to fulfil them.

Our services:

  • Lawn removal
  • Turf laying
  • Rainwater tanks (both above ground and in-ground)
  • Grey water systems
  • Irrigation (including sprinklers and drippers)
  • Retaining walls (including blocks or timber sleepers)
  • Paving repairs
  • Paving footpaths or entertaining areas
  • Granite footpaths or driveways
  • Landscape preparation, including site clean-up and levelling

How we work

We like to do things the right way the first time. This means that when it comes to offering our services, we do so with the longevity and durability of the solution in mind. We aim to deliver attractive solutions that will meet your needs in both the short and long term. Because we have extensive experience in landscaping Canberra homes, we have seen it all. We bring all of our experience, knowledge, skill and creativity with us to every job so that you can benefit from our professional services.

Why landscaping?

We often get asked why someone would hire us for a professional landscaping service instead of taking DIY time. If you have time to spare, this is a consideration that you might have. A professional landscaper is an asset that many won’t go without once they have made the mistake of DIY landscaping. Landscaping in Canberra requires a lot of hard work and preparation, as well as skill and experience. For example, laying pavers might be an easy job, but laying pavers that will work well within your landscape design, endure Canberra weather, be robust enough to handle a modern family, and continue to add value to the home long after they have been installed – well, that’s a different story.

Transform your space with the specialists in landscaping in Canberra

Call MSW Plumbing for all your needs in landscaping in Canberra. We offer end-to-end services, and as licensed plumbers, we can go that extra mile with your water feature. Speak to one of our friendly staff to discuss how you can have the perfect landscaping in Canberra.