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Have you thought about installing grey water systems in your Canberra home? With water resources at a premium and a growing awareness of the need to reuse water wherever possible in order to reduce wastage, a growing number of people are opting to install a grey water system in order to reuse water which would otherwise go straight into the sewerage system. A cost-effective and green alternative to conventional water systems, grey water systems are straight-forward to maintain and can be installed in almost any property. As experienced plumbers, we are proud to offer a high grade solution to your grey water problems.

Adaptable solution to your grey water wastage

All the systems we install are extremely durable, with tanks being guaranteed for 15 years and the rest of the installation constructed from high quality materials to an exceptional build standard. If a ground level installation isn’t appropriate for your property, there is also the option to build an above ground system that works equally well. Once in place, the system is leak proof and won’t seep, minimising the risk of an unwanted plumbing emergency developing at a later date.

Grey water systems incorporate three cycles

Each of our systems includes an aeration facility, which feeds beneficial bacteria the oxygen they need to undertake effective waste breakdown. The tank allows settling, separating out the clean water from the detritus below. Decanting and chlorination complete the process, resulting in clean, sanitary water which is ideal for flushing the toilet, doing washing or watering the garden. This sophisticated cleaning method is largely self-sustaining and cheap to run, providing a good supply of useful water for a remarkably affordable price. As one of the leading providers of grey water systems in Canberra, we are always happy to answer any queries you may have about grey water and how it can be usefully recycled.

One-stop shop for your waste water needs

In addition to providing a comprehensive plumbing service for domestic interiors, we also offer a selection of options when it comes to accommodating your waste water needs. From repairing and maintaining your sewage system to the provision of rain water collection facilities and grey water systems, we provide a full spectrum of resources for effectively managing your waste water. If you’re looking for a local plumber that offers a great combination of affordable, high grade workmanship and friendly, dependable customer care, we’re here to help.


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Grey Water Systems

Reuse your grey water for toilet flushing/laundry/garden irrigation.

Cost effective system

Works using three cycles:

Aeration – grey water is aerated dissolving oxygen into the waste to support and maintain the naturally occurring micro-organisms to oxidise and digest body fats and soap out of the grey water

Settling – allows for any flocculated organic matter to settle to the bottom of the tank producing a clear water layer at the surface. The settled matter contains the aerobic micro-organisms which carry out digestion and oxidation through progressive treatment cycles.

Decanting – after settling a decanter device draws off treated and clarified water from the surface of the water in the tank. This water passes through a chlorinator to ensure disinfection of micro-organisms prior to discharge to a separate effluent storage compartment. Disinfected water is pumped out for recycling to the toilet and other external uses.

Key Benefits

  • Built to last
  • Heavy duty polyethylene tank
  • No risk of seepage, leaking or root intrusion
  • Cost effective system
  • Household cleaners, disinfectants and bleaches can be used in normal use
  • 15yr Manufacturer’s warranty on tank
  • Suitable for inground or free standing above groung installations
  • Ideal for residential or large commercial applications


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